Nonuform was founded in 2008. We supplying furniture and other interior objects made of aluminium. We think aluminimal.


Frame is the smallest member of the Exilis family. A picture rail available in our standard lengths, 780 and 1180 mm. You can also get in custom length up top 5000 mm. Standard colors are black, white and natural aluminium. The rail is tilted upwards 4° and have grooves on the upper surface to prevent object from sliding off.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Nonuform’s Wall-Mounted Shelves Exilis and Exilis Slope are delicate and discreet. The two hidden brackets give the impression that the shelf is floating. The shelves are available in several different designs, lengths and colours. The extruded profile is strong and suitable for home and workplace alike.

The Wall-Mounted System

With Nonuform’s Wall-Mounted System, you get maximum flexibility. The wall-mounted rails allow variable mounting and flexible placement of your Exilis shelves. For example, you can combine a short shelf with a long one mounted on two rails. The perfect solution for anyone who likes the option of change.

The Semi Wall-Mounted System

The Semi Wall-Mounted System can be mounted on an uneven, covered or glazed wall, because the rail is mounted at a distance from the wall. The brackets slide onto the rails and can be varied to meet your needs. Decide for yourself how to arrange the shelves and drawers. Because of the tracks in the rail, you can even mount a book support. A complete system for all kinds of storage.

The Compressed System

With Nonuform’s Compressed System you can mount a shelving system without a wall. With adjustable bases and distances from the ceiling, the system can be adapted to fit your space. The smart bracket means you can mount shelves in both directions. A light, airy system that you can use as a room divider and as storage.

The Freestanding System

The Freestanding System doesn’t need walls or a ceiling, thanks to its stable base. You can use it as a gondola or as a room divider, with flat or sloping shelves. You can choose one section or as many as you want. Build and combine freely with Nonuform’s Freestanding System.

Exilis main components

The shelves are the base of the Exilis system. Below you can see the technical information.

Exilis system components

Combining the shelves with the system component you can build a system to fit every need.