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Nonuform is a Swedish company with 30 years experience of aluminium.  We have a wealth of experience in efficient production and distribution, and strive to deliver top quality goods within two or three days of recieving an order. This also applies to special orders, as we process aluminium on a daily basis in our factory.

We take the envinronment into consideration in our work. Aluminium is 100% recyclable and all wastage is sent back to the supplier for remelting. Most of our products are made from extruded aluminium, a light, highly durable material.

Our goal is to keep on developing, to create new products and to expand out range.

Contact Nonuform

Stina Ardesjö Stenberg
+46 76-677 52 50

Nonuform AB
Kälvestavägen 96, Box 8283
163 08 Spånga/Stockholm

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